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Construction in a Covid World

Policy Makers shutting down Construction sites in response to the Risk of Covid-19 is counterproductive and, while well-intentioned, shows a lack of understanding of how the Construction and Engineering Industries function.

Every Construction and Engineering Project requires managers to continuously assess risk and put appropriate controls in place to complete works safely and productively. This is achieved by Implementing risk management systems and frameworks, which become an integral part of completing construction tasks. It becomes second nature for teams to access the Risks each job presents and then put in place appropriate controls to do the work safely and to continuously assess these controls and risks on an ongoing basis. This approach works and is why the Construction and Engineering Industries manage to deliver highly complex projects involving a dynamic mix of fundamentally High-Risk tasks in a pressurized environment safely as a matter of routine. Using the current policy logic, all Construction projects that carry residual risk should be shut down indefinitely, which would mean all projects, which of course would be absurd.

The data supports this view with the rate of occurrence of Covid outbreaks on construction projects shown to be below the occurrence of Covid within the general population. This indicates that the correct approach would be to allow the Construction industry to do what it does best, which is managing risk by putting appropriate controls in place for the tasks they have to complete. Social distancing, task planning, PPE, and using innovation and technology to manage and reduce risk as low as possible, similarly to how other risks are handled daily, is the proven way forward.

Construction Companies continuously adapt to whatever challenges they face and are embracing technology as one of the means to reduce Covid Risk. Sites use collaboration tools such as Zoom and Teams, AI-powered technologies to minimize contact risk, and software such as Scopeasy to help minimize site team's need to touch common surfaces within construction projects.

The only sensible approach and one that would still protect Worker's safety would be to focus on risk-based management. The focus should be on contractors to ensure appropriate controls that are in place, tasks are assessed, and appropriate measures and actions are implemented to minimize Covid risk. The Construction Industry's recovery will be critical to helping the global economy recover from its current recession. Handicapping it unnecessarily will only inhibit that recovery and cause significant damage beyond the ongoing immediate economic impact.

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